"As a former extern under Dr. Haeussler, I had the honor of learning from a passionate teacher. Every day, I was challenged and tested, but within a very comfortable and professional setting. At the time, I was unsure about a discipline that caught my attention previously (Ophthalmology), and it only took a few hours of observing cases on the first day for me to appreciate the opportunity that had been given to me. Dr. Haeussler and his staff showed so much generosity and endless knowledge not only to myself, but other students. The world needs more teachers like you, Dr. Haeussler. Thank you, I am forever grateful to you and your staff! :)"

–Kim Drake



"Dr. DJ and staff did a fantastic job caring for our old diabetic Troubles when be had his cataracts removed. Now he can see quite well and chases the cats whenever he can!!"

–Dr. Kelsy Printz



"Awesome job helping my puppy Cheyenne."

–Stephanie Brown



:This practice is the absolute best. Dr. H and his staff are the most caring and experienced around. We are so blessed to have them so close by."

–Ruth Gohlke



"Dr. DJ and team helped us address a difficult to treat, fungal eye infection in our horse, "Bama". We struggled for months to completely cure this very deep infection and sadly began considering removing the eye entirely. Dr DJ suggested we consider a very rarely performed treatment as a last effort to save her vision. We were confident in him, as he is one of just a handful of doctors in the world to have used the procedure. Thanks to him, Bama's eye was saved! We also would add that the clinic and Dr. DJ are EXTREMELY responsive to phone calls and email, which is so nice when dealing with serious injuries."

–Libby Hogben



"Couldn't ask for a better run office or a friendlier staff."

-Julie Hollingsworth-Neeley



"Dr. Haeussler saved our dogs life by accurately diagnosing Honey with blastomycosis and getting the correct medications for us to use. This dog, on the high kill list at the shelter only 3 weeks ago is now doing great!"

–Joanne Semro Page



"Most definitely a wonderful resource to have in our area. Our animals have the blessing of the expertise of the Dr. and staff to bring resolutions to their eye issues. Very caring along with knowledge and professionalism. Very grateful for the care they provided to our dog Molly."

–Mary Meyer



"Awesome staff. Caring and informative."

–Deborah Gadoury Kaufman



"Dr. Haeussler and staff are the best!! They are so compassionate and helpful and really cared about our Eddie. Thank you so much for all you do!!!!"

–April Shindlebower Brown



"Wonderful caring people. Dr DJ is amazing. Very thorough and explained everything clearly without any condescension. Prices are much lower than we expected too. Highly recommend them."

–Nanci Cooper York



"I can't say enough about the Animal Eye Institute; taking my little Lou there to get his vision restored was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Dr. Haeussler and his staff are amazing! We're extremely happy! ♥"

-Brittany Rowlands



"I am SO thankful for Dr. Haeussler at The Animal Eye Institute for everything he did/does for TJ. Dr. H. literally does everything he possibly can to ensure TJ gets the best care. I vividly remember the night TJ's lens luxated in his right eye. I took him to a local vet who was not an eye specialist. Their pressure monitor was not working, so instead the vet decided to just give TJ drops to control his pressure. I remember not being sure of what TJ's condition was, and I did not feel like the vet provided any detailed information. He told me it didn't matter if I left his eye in or not. I was so unsure about his advice that a few days later I decided to seek out a specialist--The Animal Eye Institute. I called Dr. Haeussler and he happened to be in surgery at the time. The staff was so polite and comforting and they said they would give him my message. Later that afternoon Dr. Haeussler called and calmed my nerves. He had a positive outlook about TJ and advised me to bring him in for a visit. Being 3 hours away at school, I had to wait a few weeks to see Dr. H (and TJ's condition was managed with eye drops and pain killers during that time). It was on December 17th, 2012 that TJ got to meet Dr. H. I am SO thankful for that meeting. Everyday I celebrate someone who had (and continues to have) a monumental impact on TJ's quality of life. Even with TJ defying all the odds, Dr. H. does everything possible for TJ. I will never forget how amazing the Animal Eye Institute is. Dr. H. is so kind to me and TJ as he takes care of TJ's eye(s). TJ is so lucky to have Dr. Haeussler and the staff at the Animal Eye Institute. I highly recommend The Animal Eye Institute!!!!"

–Jessica Finkeldey



"DJ you are so darn awesome!!!"

–Jennifer Stallings



"I want to thank you for all your help with Midnight over the past 2 years! You are an awesome doctor whom Dave and I will greatly miss seeing on future visits to OSU."

–Tracie Cross



"Thanks so much DJ for all your help! You taught me well and I caught a couple unique eye problems at work last week. You're the best :)"

–Dr. Connie Lawless



"Thanks for getting back to me so quick and for the great advice regarding the enucleation... I appreciate it!"

–Dr. Molly McLeod



"Thanks for your help- you're one glaucoma case away from landing on my speed dial."

–Dr. Beth Cunningham



"So proud of you, Dr. Haeussler. I wish you the best of success!"

–Dr. Jennifer Pendergraft



"Thanks Dr. DJ for all of your help with my recent puzzling ophtho case! The pet got excellent care thanks to your guidance :-)"

–Dr. Bethany Gibson



"Thank you so much Animal Eye Institute!!! You have been amazing at helping me with my consults!!!! I will definitely send my patients to you!!!"

–Dr. Andrea Wade



"I was so pleased to find out that The Animal Eye Institute has a new office in Northern Kentucky. I have a 1 year old cat (Trixie) that has had an eye problem since she was a kitten. I wanted to get it looked at to see if there was anything that could be done for her. I called The Animal Eye Institute and was given an appointment the same day. Upon arriving at the office I was greeted by Dr. Haeussler and his staff. We went over Trixie's patient history, then after giving her some affection to help her relax, the eye was examined. It is very important to me that I sense that a Doctor has a real compassion for animals, and I was not disappointed. Doctor Haeussler was very knowledgeable and explained that the problem with her eye was caused at birth and that she is not in any pain. He reassured me that there was nothing more that I could have done and that she is just blind in that eye. I highly recommend The Animal Eye Institute and would gladly refer any of my friends of family to their office!"

–Krista Kleem



"Dr Haeussler is absolutely fantastic. He looked after my Jack Russell - Scrumpy, with such loving care and dedication, his priority was Scrumpy's total comfort and well-being. Scrumpy is now very happy, back to running around, playing with the cat, loads of energy and mischief and back to demanding the attention she deserves!! I will never be able to thank Dr H enough for what he has done for Scrumpy."

–Helen Neeld



"I want to compliment you on your knowledge and your expertise, and your honesty in giving me the facts, so I could make an informed decision! I am not sure others would have been so forthright about the issues, and would have encouraged surgery…I know after the tests were performed, and when I was waiting I was “guardedly optimistic”, but when you told me your concerns, that the probable result was not likely, I know this was the time not to subject her to more. We will see you on Wednesday, January 11th for the 3 month checkup. Thank you for giving me the direction that I know is right, and I’m glad you are in the area, and there is a doctor who will assist others in making the right decision for their pets, based on correcting the issue, not their “pocket book”."

–Geri and Ed Goldman



"Thanks DJ for the consult today, all the way from NC, to help with my first ruptured diabetic cataract-induced uveitis!"

–Dr. Luke Haver



"Whitley is doing great. We'll beat this blasto yet! Thanks for everything Dr. DJ!"

-Dr. Melissa Depenbrock Dortch



"Pichons prosthesis looks great. You did an awesome job. Thank you for taking such good care of my patients! And Mrs. Topits had all good things to say. :-)"

–Dr. Suellen Wardell Zeinner



"Hey, thanks so much for all of your help with my case yesterday! Both Spike and I really appreciated you being available so quickly and your great advice!!!!"

–Dr. Abby Teuschler



"You go out of your way to help all of us with our silly questions and ask nothing in return just because you enjoy teaching. I hope you know we all appreciate the help as it is intimidating when you are first in practice!"

–Dr. Hayler Schafer



"Thanks for your help. I really appreciate all the great advice!"

–Dr. Molly McLeod



"Amos and Marley LOVE Dr. Haeussler !!!!!"

–Alicia Smith Mullins



"Thank you, Dr Haeussler, for tonight's phone consult. I sent those eye pictures just for fun, but your response was super fast and very helpful! I told the pet owner she was lucky I had an ophthalmologist on call! Keep up the good work!"

–Dr. Stacey Robinson



"Great doctor, caring, personable, and good at what he does."

–Joann Zimmermann



"Thank you Dr. Haeussler for the great information and consult. Brodie, his owners and I are very grateful!"

–Dr. Annabel Moreo



"I wanted to say thank you very much for treating Becker.  We are happy that he is progressing well and thrilled with the care he received at your office.  You took excellent care of Becker and we can't thank you enough for all of your medical expertise."

–Annette Davis



"Dr. Haeussler is awesome. He saved my Baxter my Bostons sight."

–Jonathan Wilson



"In my humble opinion, cataract surgery has to be the most amazing surgery that can be performed in veterinary medicine. Way to go Animal Eye Institute!!!"

–Dr. Megan Vessalo



"You are the best, D.J.! The happiness you're able to bring with your talents makes a big difference for so many."

–Jennifer Voss



"I love Tuesday photo challenge - it's a great review and continuing education at the same time! :)"

–Dr. Marie Couling



"We took your advice and had Gus’s eyes removed. Dr. Ashley, our vet at Seven Hills did the surgery for us. Gus is recovering quite well. He seems to be doing well and we’re adjusting to his new circumstances. Thank you for all your help and support through this ordeal. You were very kind and understanding while I cried and listened to your diagnosis and suggestions. My husband and I are very grateful for all you did for Gus."

Joyce Hoffman



"I would like to thank Dr. Haeussler for fixing my basset hound Bumper's eye.  He is so happy to be feeling good again and enjoying life without the cone.  It was very nice to receive the fast courteous service we got the first day I stopped in.  I loved the email reports also.  I would not hesitate to refer my friends to you.  I have attached Bumper's picture so you can see how happy he is.   I will keep watching your updates on Facebook.  Once again - thank you so very much."

-Judy, Rick, Bumper and his little sis Abby Alessandro



"My vet hospital I work at referred some clients to you and got nothing but positive feedback."

–Jennifer Schmerr



"Thank you Dr. Haeussler for everything. Vito is a very happy little Chihuahua and is acting as though nothing happened. We are so grateful to have found you."

–Kathleen Curtner



"Thanks so much for seeing Norman so quickly today.  You did a wonderful job on his eye.  It looks a lot better than I thought it would.  He has been walking around today and is a lot more active.  He just doesn't like his cone.  He finally started eating and drank some water.  I gave him his meds and he's sleeping well.  He's doing great!  You and your staff are awesome!"

–Sonya Estes



Thank YOU! It was such a pleasure "doing business" with you...you have a wonderful manner, and obviously are tremendously experienced...we will b"e back WHENEVER we have a dog with eye problems."

–Diane Parsons



"Hey Dr. Haeussler -- Birdie is loving live without her e-collar! Her eyes look fantastic and her quality of life is MUCH better. Before her surgery, Nate and I would honestly have to wipe down her eyes 10+ times a day due to all of the tearing. Since she had her stitches removed on Monday, we have only had to wipe them down a couple of times total--- typically in the morning just to get the "sleep" out! Thanks for your great work!"

–Madison Gerstle



"Thank you for the report.  We are so happy with his progress!  I wanted to thank you for your support and concern with Bruiser.  It is nice to take him to doctors who actually care about him and his progress.  I could see it with your enthusiasm during your examination of his eyes.  It truly means so much to me and I can't thank you and your staff enough."

Marsha Hagedorn



"You have won our confidence and our hearts forever. If you ever need anything we can do for you in referrals or testimonials, we will gladly help. You are the best!!"

-Mike Rupp



"Thank you so much for taking the time to help us so quickly.  Mickey already looks and acts so much healthier.  You turned a terrifying moment for me into at least hope for a little while.  Thank you so much for your help and the information you emailed."

-Tina Wessels 



"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you were the Doctor attending to our golden retriever one very early Sunday morning in April.

I am thinking you probably remember her since she had a large stick protruding from her left eye!  It is so remarkable that you were able to surgically remove the stick and also save her eye.  I really appreciated the multiple phone calls you made to me that day to let me know how she was doing.  She is our cherished family member and we really weren’t sure if she would be coming home at all after that kind of trauma.  It has been about two months since then and Abbey is doing very well.  She can see out of her left eye, there is barely any noticeable difference, other than a diminishing shaven patch on her leg.  She is back to doing her favorite activities of hiking with our family and swimming in a nearby lake.  I have attached a recent photo of Abbey and my daughter Capri – as you can see they are both so happy and appreciative of everything you did for our family!

Thanks again for your wonderful surgical skills and taking such good care of our dog."

-Katherine Bauer



"Thank you so much to Dr. DJ Haeussler for saving Mia eye. It has healed and she has perfect vision. I highly recommend Animal Eye to anyone facing this problem. The staff is very caring and patience. We are blessed to have found them and Dr. Haeussler, he is wonderful. Thank you so much!"

-Tammy Weyant



"Wanted to thank the Animal Eye Institute, particularly Dr. Haeussler, and any other person or organization that contributed to donating Tacrolimus for military working dogs in Afghanistan. We now have two dogs in need of the medication and with your help we are squared away! Thank you!"

-Dr. Andrew Ciccolini