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Veterinarian with Dog

Training Materials for Technicians
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Introduction to Avimark


Eye Sheets

Calibrating Tonopens

Running Quality Control on Inhouse Lab Equipment

QC Inhouse Lab Equip.png

Drape - How to 

Phaco - How to Set it Up

Ventilator - How to Set it Up

Gassing Instruments

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Gassing Instruments CHARLESTON

Operating Room - How to Set it Up

Blood Pressures

Initials - How to Perform (2 vids)

Rooms - How to Set Up in the Morning

Drug Calculator - Understanding & How to Print

Cefazolin - How to Make


Restraint for Finishing Rooms

Setting Up Initial Rooms

IM Injections

IV Injections

SQ Injections

How to Muzzle

How to Run a Blood Glucose

How to Read Total Protein

PCV (Packed Cell Volume)

Blood Draw - Jugular

Cleaning Exam Rooms

Dilation Help - When Not to Dilate

Appointment - Start to Finish

Post Op Monitoring Sheet

Diamond Burr Charges & Setup

Suture Removals

Entering Treatment and Product Codes

Prepping Charts for Next Day Appointments

Appointment Types
New Patient - never seen them before
Recheck - we have seen them before and they receive a discounted exam fee
Complimentary Recheck - appointments for surgical patients (any exam within 14 days of surgery is complimentary)

CERFS - OFA Certification Exams


Setting Up the Microscope

Surgical Charges